Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra is known to the world as the founder of an Ashrama, known as Satsang. In the Bhagvata Mahapurana we come to know the ultimate purpose of ‘Satsang’ or ‘Satsangama’ in human life. Intimate contact with those who are ‘Sat’ is the doorway to the emancipation of the embodiment soul.

In our Sastras too, Sadachar has been mentioned as one of the sources of Dharma. If we keep contact with those who are ‘Sat’, we can able to learn their conduct and we reach the goal of life by following the lessons that ‘Satsang’ imprints on us.

There is a perpetual contact between the world soul and the individual soul- that there is contact between Paramatma and Jivatama. The motto of Sri Sri Thakur’s Ashrama leads one to this never-ending phenomenon. Once we understand it we are elevated to a state of blissful communion.