Messages of Sri Sri Thakur on various Topics

Politician and Politics:

He who know the tactics to nurture and fulfill the needs of life,

and can efficiently

deal with affairs

to fulfill the existential requirements

with enthusiastic appeasement

is a politician

of natural order,

an politics dwells there

with efficient move.

Law and Administration:

Judiciary is the rescue of people

From the clutches

Of a cliquish octopus,

And it is not to satisfy

The whims of administration.

Administration is to give relief

Towards securing the life, property

And enlightening culture of the people

And to serve thereby though humane co-operation;

So administration is for the people

And not the people for administration-

Rather it is a beneficent check

Individually and collectively;

Relief is the main factor

Of administration,

Not suffering.

Social Life:

To follow the existential process

Gathering with the leading impetus

Of the Anointed Advent

And to be adjusted accordingly

With every propitious

Co-adjusted, enthusiastic act

And admiration is the essence of society.

Resistance to Evil:

Resist evil,

With every rational behaviour,

With every conscientious inquisitive

Eye of intelligence

And vim and vigor,

To baffle it in such a way

That repentance evolves

With conscientious consideration;

Thus demolish evil

Is words as well as in action

To make it blessed

With every devout service

And have the existence blessed

Through the blessings

Of the Providence, the Provider.

Laugh, Weep and Speak:

Laugh – but not in jeer;

Weep – not out of self-interest but from love and attachment;

Speak – but not in self applause!


Be concentric

With every urge for love.

Love is life

Love is faith,

Love is lore,

Love is a lead to active progress,

Love is God

And his incarnation.


He, who serves people

With their individual distinctiveness

And makes them well up

With unbreakable

Inter-interested fellow-feeling

And serves the providence

With every blessed

Untiring uphill go of life

Being glorified by adherence, allegiance

And active service for the Love

Is a blessed boon to society.


Every active approach

Is divided into three spheres,

First, invention,

Then, production

And then, maintenance;

All the spheres

Should be considered conscientiously

For the efficient performance

With every cautious, polite

And sharp checking

Against untoward consequences;

Effect will follow accordingly.


To bring out and materialize

A congruity

From among varieties

And unify them meaningfully

Discovering their relation

To existence-

Is the essence of education.


Physique is the shelter of

Life, activity and intelligence.


To manage the go of life

With every progressive step is economy.